32 Filamerians fly to TH, HK for OJT

Thirty one (31) students from College of Hospitality and Tourism Management (CHTM) and one (1) student from College of Business Administration (CBA) were deployed to Thailand and Hong Kong for their on-the-job training for three months.

Starting March 12, the select students will commence their internship abroad as part of their requirements under their respective programs. Interns are assigned to six (6) hotels where they will serve as front office attendant, cook, and other assigned jobs.

Their venture in Thailand and Hong Kong is supported by Commission on Higher education through its Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP).

Dr. Soquino publishes paper, reviews int’l research Faculty member of College of Arts and Sciences and a point person for local history, Dr. Sarreal Soquino, published five a paper for the International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Sciences (IJRISS) in December 2023. Soquino, in his paper, “Food Shortage: Filipino-American Cooperation Against Famine, 1900-1910,” highlighted the root causes of food shortage in the country, and how it affected the Filipinos in that period, and also discussed the means by which the specific problem was addressed.

Aside from publishing a paper, Dr. Soquino also reviewed five (5) papers for IJRISS Online Journal

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